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Are your packages and containers Eco-friendly ?
  • Yes! All our packages are eco friendly. When creating Alvott products we didn't only consider the benefits of our customers but for the environment as well.
Do your products have fragrance ?
  • Our products have "natural" fragrance, this means that the fragrance is a byproduct of the organic ingredient used to make one of our many products. Many cosmetic/moisturizing brands use artificial fragrances that can be potentially harmful. You don't have to worry about that with us. Everything is natural from the ingredients down to the fragrance.
Will you offer stand-alone products like cocoa butter ?
  • Yes! Currently we our in the works of expanding our line of products. Every package we make is carefully designed and tailored/form fitting in the box, so it does take time for us to produce them but be on the lookout early 2022.