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Shea butter’s history is age-old and was one of the staple products initially traded via bartering in Africa. People would often trade palm oil for shea butter of the equivalent value and vice versa. For several years, this was the status quo until the 60s and 70s, when the production and marketing of shea changed. Because the production of shea butter itself requires demanding physical labor and pay was hardly fulfilling, when white collar jobs arrived in the regions that produced shea butter, several people left shea butter production behind, and started working these white-collar jobs. As a result, the people who worked with shea butter, and had the traditional method of creation passed down to them, slowly began to disappear. 


When it comes to shea butter, the use of heat risks denaturing the protein and any benefits to be garnered from the its natural properties. Because of this, back in the day, the first thing many Africans would do when buying shea butter, would be to smell the shea butter. Many experienced with shea butter would do this to determine if the shea butter had been reheated or not, because they believed that remelted shea butter to be useless and without its essential qualities

Nowadays, it seems very few people know how to process shea butter the good old-fashioned way. But that’s where Alvott products come in, because I grew up learning this traditional method and I have channeled that know-how in my curation of this product. The impetus for this product began in 2015 after I had a health scare. While in weak health I was constantly warned by my doctors to be careful of the products I used and to be careful of getting certain substances even close to my mouth. This made me curious about exactly what sort of substances I was putting in (and on) my body, and after seeing the then market for shea butter products, I decided I would develop my own keeping those needs in mind

While trying to stay true to this method in the modern day is difficult, for all products of this brand, Alvott has attempted to utilize fair trade sources which employ their own traditional methods and produce excellent unrefined material. All products of this brand have also been personally tested in order to ensure that our products truly fall in line with our mission and eco-friendly containers are used for all the products which we produce. The same processing methods have been applied across all of our products to ensure consistency.


Unrefined fats such as shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter can be used for a wide array of different uses such as lip balm, sunscreens, body butter, stretch mark cream, hair masks, and can even be used as a healthy alternative when cooking. All products of the Alvott brand have been curated according to this ultimate mission of fine quality, and we hope that our consumers will use our products for their various uses with this assurance in mind.